Website Hosting and Maintenance

Website Hosting and Domain Registration

Web HostingDeveloping a website and making it live doesnot guarantee traffic and business for an organization . But what you need is a reliable web-server where you should always have an up-time of 24 × 7 because if at a matter of fact the web server is down and somebody wants to access your website then they will not be able to visit your website which leads to faith loss of that person .

You should always choose your service provider wisely who would guarantee you an up-time of 24 × 7 .

We at CWS promises our clients to provide best service in the industry for web hosting and domains . Our customers themselves accepts that their websites run better than any other competetors in the market . We believe in providing only secure and the most efficient hosting space. With the help of our unparalleled web hosting services, we have been able to establish ourselves among the most sought after names of web hosting company and hosting providers. We guarantee minimum downtown for websites hosted by us .

Website Maintenance

Website MaintenanceA website is the most effective and widely used way to interact with the public . A Website always plays a vital role in growth of an organization . That is why Website Designing and Maintenance Services are becoming popular day by day . Organisations are becoming more concious about their business and reputation in the market.

The technologies are changing time to time and due to the reason old technologies become outdated very soon . Same is the case with the websites , old designs and layouts gets outdated very soon . You always need to keep your website up-to-date so as to attract more clients .

We at CWS maintain the information and content of your website, update and change them on a regular basis which gives your website a fresh look and new layout.

Our Website Maintenance Services includes :-

  • Adding new posts and events

  • Maintaining photo gallery

  • Upgrading the old information

  • Adding new pages

  • Adding new tabs

  • Updating the blog